Tendons are strong connective tissues that connect muscles to bones and allow movement. Every move you make is then dependent on your tendons, on their health and strength.

However, tendons are regularly prone to injuries resulting in pain, inflammation and weakening of the tendons.

Tendon injuries are common especially in athletes and active people, in older adults, but also in those who regularly perform activities that require repetitive movements, including work-related activities. The disability they cause may last for several months.

LABRHA has developed a range of products to provide nutritional support and strengthen tendons in order to prevent injuries and/or help healing them.


CICATENDON®: First natural product designed to keep tendon strong and healthy

Intense physical activity, bad posture, repetitive as well as awkward movements: there are numerous factors that can cause damages to your tendons. Cicatendon® is dedicated for people who cannot get rid of their tendonitis even after trying several treatments (rest, NSAIDs, physiotherapy, shock wave therapy etc…) as well as for people who are subjected to… Read More


CICATENDON® PACK: A complete action on tendons whatever their localisation

OPTIMAL EFFECTS AND BENEFITS  The combined use of Cicatendon® and Cicatendon® Gel optimises the action and beneficial effects of the active ingredients In capsules: to reduce discomfort, accelerate healing process and protect tendons. In gel: to combine the local action of the active ingredients with the benefits of a massage and improve mobility. BENEFICIAL EFFECTS OF THE ACTIVE INGREDIENTS ON THE TENDONS: Horsetail and Spirulina…Read More

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