Imaging guidance improves the results of viscosupplementation with HANOX-M-XL in patients with ankle osteoarthritis. Results of a clinical survey in 50 patients treated in daily practice. M. Bossert; D. Boulbil; JM Parisaux; AM Bozgan; E. Richelme; T. Conrozier. Clinical Medicine Insights: Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Disorders 2016:9 195–199 doi: 10.4137/CMaMd.s40401.




OBJECTIVE: The objective of this retrospective survey, whose data are issued from the daily clinical practice, was to assess whether performing HA injections with the use of an imaging guidance helps to optimize the success rate of viscosupplementation in patients suffering from ankle OA.

RESULTS: The present survey showed that imaging guidance is useful to optimize the results of viscosupplementation in ankle OA. Five months after a single injection of HANOX M-XL in the target ankle of patients with talocrural OA, three patients out of four remained satisfied with the treatment provided the viscosupplement was injected under imaging control to ensure the accurate IA injection. The proportion of satisfied patients was only one out of three in landmark-guided injection patients. Larger scale prospective trials, specifically designed for this purpose, are still needed to confirm with certainty these preliminary data.

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