On September 2023 in Lyon, took place the 2nd Applied Rheumatology Congress, organised by Labrha.
This year’s subject was : Osteoarthritis today and tomorrow !
We are happy to have hosted European experts and had the pleasure to listen to their lectures on hip osteoarthritis and novelties on viscosupplementation :
– Dr Charles JOURNE : the MRI of the hip for dummies… and the others
– Pr Alberto MIGLIORE : Viscosupplementation in hip OA
– Dr Nicolas BONIN : hip : how to manage conflicts
– Pr Michel-Henri FESSY : the THA in 2023
– Dr Thierry CONROZIER : predicting the effectiveness of viscosupplementation in hip OA
– Pr Xavier CHEVALIER : EUROVISCO recommendations for a first viscosupplementation in patients with knee osteoarthritis
– Pr Yves HENROTIN : EUROVISCO recommendations for viscosuppementation retreatment in knee osteoarthritis
We are proud to organise this Congress in collaboration with Eurovisco, an European Viscosupplement Consensus Group gathering European Osteoarthritis experts.
See you next year for a 3rd Applied Rheumatology Congress !
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