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The clinical study conducted to evaluate the clinical relevance of the efficacy of our product AINAT® has been published  in the American peer-reviewed journal called: « Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine » and is entitled « A Complex of Three Natural Anti-inflammatory Agents Provides Relief of Osteoarthritis Pain ».

« The aim of this study was to demonstrate whether the relief of pain obtained with AINAT was clinically relevant » in the treatment of degenerative joint pain « and whether such a nutraceutical could be helpful in daily clinical practice for patients suffering from OA, especially for those patients for whom NSAIDs are contraindicated or refused ».

Conclusion: « The improvement of joint pain was clinically relevant in patients treated with AINAT for both acute and chronic OA pain. Considering its excellent tolerance profile, the tested complex of 3 plant extracts with anti-inflammatory properties may be a valuable and safe alternative to NSAIDs in patients suffering from degenerative joint diseases »

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