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The HAppy Range
2nd generation of viscoelastic solutions

3 high quality viscosupplements, CE-marked and made in France :
HAppyCross®, HAppyMini® and HAppyVisc®

The Food Supplement Range and Gels
Natural products designed to meet the needs of most
musculoskeletal disordersAll of our products are available on the online boutique



Predictive factors of adherence to an association of glucosamine sulfate, copper, and ginger extracts in patients with symptomatic osteoarthritis: a prospective open-label French noninterventional study (the PREDOA study)

New Publication about Cuivramine® with the PREDOA Study conducted on more than 2000 patients Guidelines recommend symptomatic slow-acting drugs for OA (SYSADOA) to reduce pain and avoid the use of NSAIDs. However, the main issue with slow-acting treatments is the Read more…

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